Anatomy of an Irish Terrier
The anatomy of the Irish Terrier is similar to that of every other dog. The skeletal system consisting of 319 bones is made up as follows:
Vertebral column
Ribs and Sternum
Front Legs and Feet
Rear Legs and Feet
Os Penis 50 bones
50 bones
34 bones
92 bones
92 bones
1 bone
Basically, the digestive, respiratory, neuro-muscular, cardio-vascular, urogenital, and endocrine systems are all the same as found in other dogs. Likewise, there are many similarities between human and canine anatornies.
In the make up and configuration of the Irish Terrier's skeletal and muscular systems, we should find these components so constructed that they provide a powerful but graceful individual. This terrier must be agile, lythesome, mobile, and functional. The Irish Terrier in motion should show proper alignment, power, and drive. There should not be any wasted or loose movements; with good coordination of all parts as shown by an efficient, smooth gait. Poetry in motion, so to speak.
The Irish Terrier is not as fragile and racy as the Whippet, nor as cumbersome and slow as the Irish Wolfhound. He is finished off in a tightfitting, elegant red jacket of a coat that is dense, hard, and wiry.
The accompanying illustrations show the anatomical features as they are situated inside the body. The detail is sufficient to give a good idea of what makes these great dogs function.

Key to names of muscles:

  1. levator nasolabialis
  2. buccinator
  3. malaris
  4. occiputomandibularis
  5. masseter
  6. scutularis
  7. auricular
  8. brachiocephalicus
  9. clavicle
  10. supraspinatus
  11. ornotransversarius
  12. trapezius
  13. deltoid
  14. brachiocephalicus
  15. brachialis
  16. triceps brachii
  17. infraspinatus
  18. extensor carpi ulnaris
  19. pronator teres
  20. flexor carpi radialis
  21. flexor carpi ulnaris
  22. digital extensors
    1. extensor carpi ulnaris
  23. posterior deep pectoral
  24. intercostal
  25. rectus abdominis
  26. external abdominal oblique
  27. latissimus dorsi
  28. lumbodorsal fascia
  29. sartorius
  30. tensor fasciae latae
  31. sartorius
  32. quadriceps femoris
  33. pronator teres
  34. gluteus medius
  35. gluteus superficialis
  36. biceps femoris
  37. sernitendinosus
  38. gastrocnernius
  39. digital extensors
  40. peroneus
  41. caudofemoralis
  42. caudafis
  43. sacrococcygenous
  44. zygornaticus
by Joseph P. Sayres, DVM1 From the 1983 ITCA Breedbook
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